Watch: Eight reasons why Donald Trump isn’t going to disappear from US politics any time soon

Former president Donald Trump is facing a trial in the Senate after being accused of inciting a mob to storm the US Capitol in January.

Democrats from the House of Representatives delivered an article of impeachment against Donald Trump on January 25, making him the first former president to face an impeachment trial.

Although Mr Trump left office on January 20, he now faces a trial in the Senate, beginning today.

The charge relates to a provocative speech delivered by Mr Trump ahead of the January 6 assault on the US Capitol – an address Democrats argue incited the riots. 

If convicted, the trial could bar Mr Trump from running for, or holding, public office again. 

With the Senate impeachment trial, some assume that his influence on US politics is waning.

But, as The Telegraph’s Tim Stanley explains, there are plenty of arguments to suggest the opposite is true.

Watch the video above for eight reasons why the former US President is not going anywhere any time soon.  

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