US Space Force releases new theme tune – and is ridiculed over ‘laughable’ lyrics

The US Space Force has unveiled its official song but reviews have been less than stellar.

“Semper Supra” – meaning “Always Above” – was released by America’s newest military branch to promote esprits de corps among its Guardians, the name it gives to those serving in its ranks.

However, the song was widely mocked and sparked suggestions that it should quickly vanish into a musical black hole.

Its lyrics included “Boldly reaching into space, there’s no limit to our sky,” and “Standing guard both night and day, we’re the Space Force from on high.”

As one critic pointed out: “How can the new Space Force be ‘standing guard both night and day’ when there is no night or day in outer space?”

Kevin Baron, military executive editor of website Defense One, wrote: “Grammatically, I’m dying to edit: You’re not the ‘invisible’ front line. CIA is…”

He added: “‘Warfighter’ is NOT A WORD.”

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