Texan pleads guilty over scam PACs for 2016 candidates

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Federal prosecutors say a Texas man has pleaded guilty to creating fake political action committees in 2016 supporting Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that raised more than $500,000.

Kyle Gerald Prall pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of mail fraud. The Justice Department says the 40-year-old Austin, Texas, man admitted as part of his plea that he created political action committees called “Feel Bern,” ”HC4President” and “Trump Victory.”

Prosecutors say websites for the sham committees told supporters their money would pay for transporting voters to polling sites, training volunteers and making phone calls. But Prall allegedly used only about $5,000 for political causes.

Prosecutors say Prall agreed to repay the money raised and is awaiting sentencing.

Jason Freeman, an attorney for Prall, declined comment.

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