Scientists at America’s top nuclear lab poached by China to develop hypersonic missiles technology

Scores of Chinese scientists who worked at one of America’s most advanced weapons labs have been recruited by Beijing to help develop hypersonic technology, deep-penetrating warheads, drones, stealth camouflage and quiet submarines.

Some 162 Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the US birthplace of the atomic bomb, went back to China as late as last year to work on futuristic programmes with potential military applications, according to a new report.

Republicans demanded an end to the “espionage” as party members called on the Biden administration to launch an investigation into Beijing’s “malign” efforts.

The report came on the eve of the Chinese Community Party’s National Congress, at which Xi Jinping is expected to cement power by receiving an unprecedented third term as president.

It also reflected intensifying concerns in Washington about the scale of China’s long-term campaign to steal US research to boost its own military capabilities.

The White said on Monday that President Xi Jinping was leading China in a more “aggressive” direction. 

“We’ve seen a very different China emerge in recent years under Xi Jinping’s leadership,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned.

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