Pope Francis hops aboard chilling, globalist ‘Great Reset’ WEF wagon


Pope Francis, in remarks in the Apostolic Palace, said the coronavirus has provided the perfect opportunity for economies of the world to reimagine markets and push businesses to put social justice, rather than profits, at the core of their pursuits.

In layman’s, he’s calling for an end to capitalism and a worldwide implementation of socialism.

He’s just picked up the World Economic Forum’s socialist-collectivist “Great Reset” playbook and moved it just a little bit more down the road.

“There is a need for a kind of new Copernican revolution that can put the economy at the service of men and women, not vice versa,” the pope said, The Associated Press reported.

This is meaningless drivel, aimed at lulling listeners into head-nodding moments that can then be parlayed into agreements for policy changes. 

Here’s another:  “[There is a need for] one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it,” he went on, AP reported.

Nod. Nod. 

It all sounds good, yes?

The thing is: Capitalism already provides an economic system that serves both men and women. Capitalism already provides opportunities that lift its adherents from death into life — that enriches and prospers and blesses in a manner that no other economic system in history has, can or ever will. Capitalism is already inclusive, not to mention humanizing. 

The free market, simply put, is freeing.

The pope knows that.

The pope knows, too, his words will nonetheless quietly, softly, soothingly guide his followers down a path of acceptance for a new economic model that has zero to do with the free market, zilch to do with American capitalism and nada, nothing, not a thing to do with, as he says it, bringing life, not death. So what’s his game?

It’s no secret this pope has been hostile to capitalism, to America’s free-market system, to individualism even, over collectivism. So amid coronavirus chaos, he now sees, along with many globalists and elitists with their own designs for world dominance, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to force a massive change.

“Pope urges governments to use pandemic to create more just economy,” The Hill wrote.

This is just what the World Economic Forum is advocating, via its “Great Reset” — to America’s great free-market peril. 

In this coming “Great Reset,” complicit companies would shove aside profits for social justice; resistant companies would face fines and taxes and regulations from governments in order to compel them to seek social justice over profits; and corporate CEOs, rather than duly elected representatives of the people, would ultimately serve as the setters of policy, creators of agendas, enforcers of societal standards. It’s an oligarchy of global proportions.

Do we really want Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg visit, which medicines to take, how much to pay for health care?

Do we truly trust Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to recognize that in this country, in America, individual rights come from God, not government?

From WeForum.org: “The third and final priority of a Great Reset agenda is to harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good, especially by addressing health and social challenges. During the COVID-19 crisis, companies, universities and others have joined forces to develop diagnostics, therapeutics and possible vaccines; establish testing centers; create mechanisms for tracing infections; and deliver telemedicine. Imagine what could be possible if similar concerted efforts were made in every sector.”

Yes. Imagine.

There would hardly be any individualism, freedom, sovereignty, privacies, choice or self-rule at all. Nor, in this brave new world of total controlling top-down governance, would there be need.

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