Netflix teases Johnny Manziel "Untold" documentary

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of stories from their past. Many involve struggles on the field but some transcend the normal to the extraordinary. Hue Jackson’s issues resurfaced this offseason in a variety of ways. WR Josh Gordon is still kicking around the league after a tumultuous start to his career in Cleveland.

One of the bigger stories from a national perspective was the drafting of QB Johnny Manziel and his subsequent career.

I was present in Radio City Music Hall when the Browns selected Manziel with the No.22 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Fans with all different teams’ jerseys on were cheering, chanting and doing Manziel’s signature “money” pose.

Manziel played in five games as a rookie in 2014 and nine games in 2015 and hasn’t played in an NFL game since. The former Heisman Trophy winner only made it two seasons in the league.

An interesting story to tell for sure and it looks like Netflix is up for the task:

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Following the hit two-part “Untold” series on Manti Te’o, Netflix is going back to the well to tell the story of a very popular college football player whose story has been told in many ways by others. Manziel will get a chance to tell his “Untold” story for the world to hear.

While Te’o’s brought sympathy for the former Notre Dame linebacker, it will be interesting if Manziel’s can do the same. It is likely to be watched with a critical eye by his detractors while cheered on by those who have supported him, primarily those with Texas A&M roots. 

A release date for the Johnny Manziel “Untold” documentary has yet to be announced.

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