Michelle Obama (and a pair of puppets) will cook for children on Netflix.

Michelle Obama will be the star of a children’s cooking show.

Netflix announced this week that Mrs. Obama will be featured alongside a pair of puppets in a series called “Waffles + Mochi.” The 10-episode series makes its debut March 16.

The series is the latest project from Mrs. Obama and Barack Obama’s production company, Higher Ground Productions. The Obamas, who signed a deal with Netflix in 2018, have so far produced three documentary films for the streaming service. Mrs. Obama was the centerpiece of “Becoming,” a 2020 documentary that followed her on her book tour after her memoir of the same title was published.

Last week, the Obamas announced that they had several scripted projects in development for Netflix, including an adaptation of “Exit West,” a critically adored 2017 novel about refugees, and an animated series based on a Michael Lewis book.

In the cooking show, Mrs. Obama will play a supermarket owner who helps two puppet pals, Waffles and Mochi, fulfill their dream of becoming chefs. Mrs. Obama has long promoted health and nutrition, and the Obamas said when they signed with Netflix that they would create a children’s show.

“Waffles + Mochi” has been in development for nearly two years. In 2019, Netflix announced an earlier version of the show, “Listen To Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents.” The production team for “Waffles + Mochi” includes Erika Thormahlen, a writer and actress, and Jeremy Konner, a producer of Comedy Central’s “Drunk History.”

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