Kyler Murray has ‘no hard feelings’ toward fan who struck him after Cardinals’ win at Raiders

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray sounded ready to put behind him the Las Vegas postgame incident in which a fan hit him in the face, even though the city’s police department has said the matter is still being investigated. 

On Wednesday it was on to Week 3, and the first chance at the Los Angeles Rams since they hammered Murray’s Cardinals 34-11 in the NFC wild card round of last season’s playoffs. 

Murray was asked about the incident, which happened when the quarterback went to one of the end zones at Allegiant Stadium to celebrate a wild overtime win against the Raiders with Cardinals fans, and things got a little out of hand. Video showed a fan reach out and deliver an open-handed slap to Murray’s face.

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“It was just, you know, stuff happens fast. I don’t know. I know every person I’ve hit in the face, I did it for a reason,” Murray said. “I don’t know if he probably didn’t know where he was. It was a pretty live game. Vegas is Vegas. I’m sure he was having fun. But again, I don’t know. I don’t think any player should be getting touched in that manner. But no hard feelings for the guy. If I see him, then I’ll shake his hand. But it is what it is.”

Murray, asked if he’d be cautious about going over to the stands, said he would do it all over again.

“That was crazy. I can’t believe that happened,” said Cardinals wide receiver Hollywood Brown, a very close friend of Murray’s. “They gotta find that guy.”

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