‘Into the Wild’ bus removed from Alaskan wilderness to stop sightseers from risking their lives

An abandoned bus made famous by the 1996 book Into the Wild and film of the same name has been removed from the Alaskan wilderness to stop tourists from risking their lives by attempting to reach it. 

The derelict bus has been an attraction for hundreds of adventurous fans and sightseers for decades, but has become something of a hazard in an area known for its unpredictable weather and lack of phone service.

Officials in Alaska airlifted the vehicle from its remote home outside Denali National Park on Thursday, saying too many people were putting themselves at risk in their attempts to reach it. 

Over the years, dozens of hikers from around the world have become injured or stranded as they attempted to reach the bus where the adventurer Christopher McCandless, the subject of Into The Wild, died of starvation. 

The book and the subsequent 2007 film document the journey of McCandless, a 24-year-old from a wealthy suburb of Washington DC, who hitchhiked to Alaska in 1992. 

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