In an era of liberal groupthink, everyone has a patriotic duty to support dissent


In an age when establishment politicians and mainstream media outlets peddle a steady stream of disinformation and outright lies, it is more important than ever that dissenting voices be heard. 

People in positions of power lying through their teeth is nothing new. What is relatively novel, however, is the complete and utter abandonment of objectivity. Any and all semblance of journalistic integrity has been replaced by gaslighting on a grand scale, aided and abetted by Big Tech bullies all too willing to put their thumbs on the scale of public discourse.

Consider the ridiculous, post-presidency impeachment of Donald Trump, which is really just part of a larger effort to silence half the country. The left spent months encouraging violence and destruction last summer and fall as the Antifa/BLM riots swept through cities all over the country, yet Big Tech and the mainstream media never batted an eyelid. Now, though, anybody who dares to question the integrity of an election marred by irregularities and illegalities on a massive scale is being aggressively silenced on social media and vilified by supposedly objective journalists

An objective observer might be tempted to look at the left’s concerted, weeks-long campaign of violence and destruction carried out in cities across the country by well-funded and organized quasi-paramilitaries — and decide it poses a greater threat to the peace and stability of the Republic than the media’s mythical far-right bogeyman. 

An objective observer would of course never be able to get a job at CNN and might also find himself booted off of his social media platforms or even fired from his job for voicing his opinions. The shameful reality is that Big Tech and Big Business are all too willing to tilt at media-manufactured windmills, and in the process the rights and voices of everyday men and women are trampled. 

That is why it is absolutely crucial that dissenting voices are protected and given a platform whenever and wherever possible. Thankfully, media networks like Real America’s Voice and social media platforms like CloutHub are taking up that call and leading the charge for free speech and open debate. The Democrat-media complex must know they cannot simply dismiss 74 million patriotic Americans as neo-Nazis and think the debate has been settled. The debate is just getting started.

Americans who truly cherish free speech and free debate must remind Big Tech that its role is to enable people to communicate with one another — not to decide what they may communicate to one another. Americans who truly value objective journalism must remind the mainstream media that their job is to speak truth to power, not to spread lies on behalf of power. 

Luckily for those of us who wish to live in a truly free society, what makes the establishment’s favored method of silencing its political opponents so successful is also the same thing that makes it vulnerable: It relies on an unchallenged mainstream media-social media feedback loop. That feedback loop can be broken. If those of us who value freedom work together to build alternative, independent means of information sharing, it will be broken. 

• Gina Loudon is a best-selling author, president of programming and anchor of “Dr. Gina Prime Time” on RAV-TV (Real America’s Voice), brand ambassador for CloutHub and a long-time adviser to President Donald Trump.

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