Donald Trump’s second impeachment: what you need to know about the US Senate trial

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial has begun in Washington.

Mr Trump is the first former president to face an impeachment trial and the first to be impeached twice.

The charge relates to a provocative speech delivered by Mr Trump ahead of the Jan 6 assault on the US Capitol – an address Democrats argue incited the riots. 

If convicted, the trial could bar Mr Trump from running for, or holding, public office again. 

What has happened so far?

On the trial’s first day on Tuesday, the Senate voted on whether it was constitutional to impeach Mr Trump.

As expected, this vote passed. Democrats and a couple of Republicans voted 56 to 44 in favour of continuing with the impeachment proceedings. Six Republicans crossed the floor to back the trial – but many more will need to be convinced of Mr Trump’s wrongdoing if prosecutors can have any hope of convicting him.

Earlier, the prosecution and defence teams made brief opening statements. The Democrats posted a slick video which featured harrowing footage of the attack on the US Capitol.

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