British gap year student paralysed after bison attack in US state park

A British gap year student has been left paralysed after being attacked by a bison as she walked through a state park in South Dakota.

Amelia Dean, 19, was charged by the 2,000 lb animal and tossed 15 feet into the air as its sharp horns severed the femoral artery in her left thigh.

The teenager from Brockham, Surrey, said she was lucky to be alive after the bison – one of 1,500 in Custer State Park – stood beside her head as she bled uncontrollably on the ground.

Ms Dean was with a friend and a dog when they spotted the American bison around 100 feet away on a hilltop in the sprawling 71,000-acre site.

The 6ft shaggy brown beast charged down the hill and stopped, before goring the youngster and throwing her into the air.

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