Biden must pay for the lies, death, war, and misery he has inflicted on the world


The FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s private residence because President Joe Biden would rather talk about Mr. Trump, classified documents, security at Mar-a-Lago and even unconstitutional raids against his political enemies — literally ANYTHING! — other than his own catastrophic record going into the next election.

It is a sad truth, but true nonetheless: Nobody ever went broke peddling cynicism in Washington.

And never has Washington produced a more thoroughly unqualified, politically craven and entirely compromised politician than Joseph R. Biden of Delaware. For 50 years, the man has been for sale to the highest bidder, always willing to say absolutely anything and utterly incapable of honesty.

All the great political villains — fictional ones like Willie Stark and true-life ones like Richard M. Nixon — had some redeemable quality. Willie Stark gave voice to the populace of the rural deep South in the grips of the Great Depression. Richard Nixon had an adorable black and white cocker spaniel named Checkers.

Nobody calls Joe Biden “lunch bucket Joe” or “Scranton Joe” — except Joe Biden, the fake populist. The guy sold out to major credit card companies based in his home state of Delaware long ago. And exploiting his own son’s worst demons, Mr. Biden sold the American Vice Presidency to Ukraine, China and Mexico.

Simply put, Joe Biden hasn’t a single redeemable quality. He isn’t even a good dog owner. He uses his shepherds as sad props when he gets sick in the White House and then ships them away when they start biting people.

He is an even worse father. Mr. Biden shamelessly invokes his dead son for political purposes whenever he finds himself in a jam.

His exploitation of his living son and his daughter is even worse. Just look at the boy’s laptop. Or the girl’s diary.

Actually, don’t. You will need to take a shower — though not the kind of shower the lecherous Mr. Biden apparently prefers.    

Worst of all, Mr. Biden is a deadbeat grandfather. Court-ordered DNA testing proved that he has a granddaughter — the child that Hunter Biden was forced by that same court to start paying for — that the president still refuses to acknowledge. In their sick, private lives, the Bidens are beneath contempt. 

Yet, Mr. Biden’s public performance is even more reprehensible.

His refusal to enforce our border with Mexico has led to the deaths of thousands of migrants who were lured north by Mr. Biden’s open borders policies. Thousands more women and young girls have been raped and brutalized. Unknown numbers have been ushered into sex slavery.

All because of one man — one man’s policies. The bloody hands of one shameless political hack.

In addition, more than 100,000 Americans are dying each year from the Chinese fentanyl pouring across that same border Mr. Biden threw open.

The only people thriving under Mr. Biden are the warlords, sex slavers, human smugglers and drug cartels to whom Mr. Biden handed control of our border. Also thriving are the crazed criminals roaming American cities today.

The rest of Mr. Biden’s domestic agenda has left the country in shambles. His war on American energy independence and unhinged spending has left us with record gas prices and historic inflation. Not to mention, a war in Ukraine — entirely a result of Mr. Biden’s war on American energy production.

It took Mr. Biden barely six months after his disastrous surrender in Afghanistan — in which 13 U.S. troops were killed, hundreds of allies were left behind and billions of dollars of materiel were left to terrorists — for Mr. Biden to plunge us back into war. This one in Europe, against nuclear-armed Russia.

Joe Biden is a failure. He has been a failure his entire life. The only reason he got plucked from political obscurity into the White House is that President Barack Obama needed a harmless, old, white-haired Washington insider to offset concerns about Mr. Obama’s relative youth and inexperience.

And the political press refuses to acknowledge the hideous, doddering, mongrel elephant in the room because of their own deep investment in believing and spreading every lie they ever made up about Mr. Biden’s predecessor.

This is how you wind up with a White House completely unhinged from reality. 

Just this week, the press secretary claimed people are not crossing the border and Mr. Biden accused Republicans — not Democrats — of “defunding the police.” And even as his own FBI raids the private home of his political rival, Mr. Biden calls Mr. Trump’s voters “fascist.” 

Jimmy Carter was famously crowned “history’s monster” for the malaise at home and the mayhem around the world that he caused. This new whirlwind of domestic misery and global catastrophe spawned by Mr. Biden is without match.

November is coming. Make him pay the price.

• Charles Hurt is the opinion editor at The Washington Times.

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