Andy Cohen Addresses Retirement Rumors and Lisa Rinna’s Future on ‘Real Housewives’ (Exclusive)

Andy Cohen isn’t going anywhere.

On Friday, ET’s Brice Sander spoke with the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host on the first day of BravoCon, and he reacted to the rumors that he’s retiring from television.

“That is news to me. It’s not happening,” Cohen said flat-out of the retirement speculation. “Does everyone want me to? Is that what’s happening?”

The 54-year-old TV personality also reacted to rumors that Winter House star Craig Conover would be taking over his late-night show. “[He] is not known as one of our greatest broadcasters at this point,” Cohen quipped of the reality star. “So now we know where that rumor came from. Craig, you’re starting rumors about yourself?”

In addition to clearing up speculation about his own TV career, Cohen also addressed Lisa Rinna’s future on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, amid rumblings that she might be leaving the series. Cohen noted that discussions about who goes and who stays on the Housewives tend to occur after the reunion specials. Parts one and two of the RHOBH season 12 reunion special aired this week. 

“I think the key to the success of this thing, that it’s been going for 16 years, is that we take people out, we put people in, and we try to keep it fresh,” Cohen said of the Real Housewives franchise. “In terms of specifics of Rinna and anyone else, I think everything is on the table — but nothing to announce about that right now.”

Cohen also revealed that what shocked him most about the RHOBH reunion was sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton’s argument. The siblings have been at odds ever since Rinna claimed that Hilton had a “psychotic break” in Aspen, Colorado, and made nasty remarks about Richards and other Housewives stars.

“I think the whole Kathy [Hilton] segment was really shocking to me. Listen, I can handle fighting. I can handle petty arguments when it comes down to kind of family and things. [But] getting between family, that’s when it gets me. So this was was challenging for that reason.”

That being said, Cohen said Hilton “came prepared” to the reunion. 

“Last year at the reunion, [Kathy] was kind of dropped in, and I didn’t have a sense that she was necessarily familiar with the universe,” he told ET. “This year she knew what had to be done and she did it.”

As for whether there’s footage of Hilton’s alleged meltdown in Aspen, Cohen is adamant that this was not caught on tape. “If there was footage of the meltdown, do you not think that we would be airing? What would be the reason that we would not air this? Honestly, I would’ve loved if there was footage of the meltdown,” he insisted. “Trust me, you would’ve seen it so many times. How many times did we show the limo fight between Kyle [Richards] and Kim [Richards]? We aren’t afraid to lean into drama. It’s what we do.”

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