About us

Who are Timworld Washington daily news?

“Washington, D.C. news” is the official Washington, District of Columbia information site. The history of the organization began in 2006 as the “News Bulletin” of D.C. government. In 2012, the news site team withdrew from the “patronage” of the government and became a fully independent, voluntary media. “Washington, D.C. news” is not funded by the current government or the opposition, so it is free, objective and with a clear conscience covers all the events of  D.C. and USA.


The journalists of Washington, D.C. news are not just reporters, but activists fighting for the rights of citizens. Our team believes that people have the right to know everything as it is, about what is happening around, so it tries to present the news honestly and objectively. In addition, we will give publicity to any cases of violation of the rights and freedoms of our citizens, if such becomes known.